Associate Pastor's Note

Kim Gold
Kim Gold
Well, isn't this interesting? I have been so blessed to have WUMC as my home church. I transferred my membership to WUMC back in the mid 90's and this congregation has been home, family, school and clinic for me in so many ways. I can't start to impress how you have been a blessing to me and my daughter. And how God has through WUMC given me opportunity and facilitated my growth, discernment and response of my call to serve The Lord. It is now that I share with you that God is allowing me to step into the work and ministry of Christ's Church in a new way.

I have been offered and have accepted the appointment of Pastor in North Andover, First United Methodist Church. The community there is smaller than WUMC but no less loving and eager to live into the call of God in their lives. I have been privileged and blessed to have been Pastor to you for the last three years and member for more than 20 years. But WAIT! Don't be sad. Because I am not leaving Wilmington. I am a Licensed Local Pastor and a Licensed Local Pastor is Bi-Vocational. This means we can Serve the church as Clergy while working in other areas as well. This appointment will allow me to continue to be with you as Youth and Education Director as I continue to be a presence at events, meetings and other ministries in Wilmington. I will work with members of our church together with Reverend Peter Hey to plan programs, classes, lead committees, and work to serve the needs of WUMC. I will also continue to live here in Wilmington. So Yes, I am no longer your pastor, but No, I am not leaving.

This is an exciting venture for me and a change for our church, I want to assure you that you will remain a huge part of what I do, who I love and how I respond to God in my life. Sharing with the folks from First UMC all those things that Jesus desires for us: joy, service, nurture, worship and fellowship.

So, as I step into my wider ministry field I ask that we continue to walk with each other as we strive to serve Christ, each other and the world.

My love and heart are with you all,
Blessings, Pastor Kim

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