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Christian Education - News and Notes

Christian Education - News and Notes

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September 9th

Registration Day: Sunday School is just beginning for 2018-2019 and it is going to be fantastic.
We will be learning how we as a community and family of God are His WEAVINGS. Our theme for the year. Like we have used lighthouses shining, trees growing and intersections where we come together, WEAVINGS will illustrate how we are stronger together, made for a purpose and a beautiful creation from the hand of God. So, watch how WEAVINGS will be used all year to make these points. Beginning Sept 9th we will set up our program to weave our community and faith into a project that will make a big difference in our kids, adults and homes.

Confirmation 2018-2019
As this new school year rolls around so does another session of Confirmation. We are again blessed to have Bill and Samm Klindt teaching our very exciting and really engaging Confirmation class. Held each Sunday morning at the 10 o’clock hour, our 8th graders will learn the history of our faith, what it means to claim the name Christian and how they are part of a rich and diverse family of God and what a Methodist is all about. This meaningful part of their faith journey will also be filled with fun as they take part is fun programming that helps them not only learn what being a Christian is but live it as well. The class will participate in outings that will expand their knowledge of the history of our faith and appreciation of our denomination. Once a month an afternoon session will be planned with Pastor Travis, Pastor Kim and the Confirmation mentors of their choosing. Watch for information about this program in the mail from Pastor Travis.