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Christian Education - News and Notes

Christian Education - News and Notes

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A great big thank you

The Education Committee would like to thank all of the our teachers who helped during our Summer Serendipity Program. We would also like to thank all of the Shepherds for a great Registration Day! Thank you to all the families who attended Sunday School on our Registration Day. Thanks to all who helped to pack and sort books. Thank you to all of the children who made Busy Book Bags for the children in Maine! Also, thank you to Kim Gold for the tireless work she does daily for our children.

Mission Project
Thank you to everyone who donated books for our mission project! We are so blessed! Look out for next month's mission project UNICEF Boxes! Remember that Trick or Treating is a great time to fill up your UNICEF Boxes!

Sunday School
This year's theme will be "Weaving". Together we are made stronger to serve humbly and live joyfully in Christ's love.

We have returned to our fall program schedule on Sunday, September 9th. Sunday School classes will be held during the 9:00 am services for Pre-K through 5th grade students. Again this year, 6th and 7th graders will spend the first part of class in worship together and will then meet in room 1-3. Younger children will start out at the service sitting with their family and then will be dismissed from Children's Moment to their Sunday School classes.

PreK- 5th Grade: Pre-K and K are combined with Amanda Payette as lead teacher and Miss Val assisting. Parents can bring their children down to Room 1-4. Elementary students in Grades 1-5 are dismissed with shepherds down to Fellowship Hall for gathering time. This year our 1st – 5th grade will be having Sunday School class as a whole group. We are excited for this time together and we hope that it will be rewarding for each grade level Children will be dismissed from Fellowship Hall at 10:15 unless otherwise noted on the bulletin board by the stairs.

6th/7th grade class: This year, the class will start together at the 9:00 worship service. They will then leave as a class to go down to room 1-3 after the scripture reading with final dismissal at 10:30. Join Amy Metcalfe for a high-energy program of team building games, hands on lessons, discussions and reflection that will help grow your faith. The class will also help to show our middle schoolers how they can participate in our church and also be mentors and role models for the younger children. This will be an important time of preparation for Confirmation in 8th grade. On the first Sunday of the month the class will continue to lead in worship at the 9:00 service and class time on those days will be during that time frame.

8th grade Confirmation class and HS Youth classes run from 10:15 to 11:15 after the 9:00 service with the following room assignments: 8th Grade Confirmation Class in the octagon room; High School will be held in the loft.
Please make sure to fill out a registration even if you have registered in the past!

Sunday School Support Meeting
Please join us for our yearly Shepard and Teacher meeting, which will involve all families this year. Kim will be running this year's meeting at the end of Service on Sunday September 23rd. We will be reviewing our safe sanctuary policy! All church members are invited to attend!

Help Wanted
We are always looking for more helpers in our Sunday School Program. If you are interested in teacher or helping in any capacity, please contact Amanda Payette at missbell328@gmail.com or (978) 407-6679.

Small Group Study Opportunities for Adults
Lectionary Bible Study
One of the best ways to prepare your hearts for Sunday morning worship and to get the most out of the sermon is to join us in our lectionary Bible study. Each week on Tuesday night we study the Scripture passage that we will be using on the following Sunday. Each lesson stands alone so even if you can't make every week, you can still be a part of the class. Classes will begin on Tuesday, September 18, at 7:00.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study
This year in our Wednesday Bible Study we are going to be studying some of the "smaller" books of the Bible. We will begin on Wednesday, September 26 at 9:30 am with the study of Ruth. Join us for the fun!

Events at Rolling Ridge Conference Center, North Andover
Rolling Ridge offers a wonderful selection of one-day spiritual retreats focusing on the mind, body and soul. To register for any of these events please see the website at www.rollingridge.org