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Christian Education - News and Notes

Christian Education - News and Notes

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Thank you all of our Summer Serendipity readers and teachers. Thank you to all of our families for joining us at our Summer Serendipity classes. Thank you and congratulations to Kim Gold for all her support and planning for this year's very successful Mission Projects for our youth!




UMW Reading Challenge
We have been lucky to be taking part in a book challenge with the United Methodist Women's group. Similar to their adult reading program, they have developed one for the kids. They have chosen 5 books to be read during summer serendipity. If the kids were at Summer Serendipity to hear all 5 books (or if they read the 5 books on their own, or a combination of in Sunday School and on their own) they will earn a special certificate that will be presented in the Fall! All books will be put in the our church's library. Please let Judy Rachdorf know if you read the books on your own!

We are so excited to welcome everyone back to the beginning of a new year of Sunday School! This year our Sunday School will kick off with another round of Stop Hunger Now, now called RISE AGAINST HUNGER. During our Sunday School time, kids will gather and meet their Shepherds and will be introduced to the style and structure of this year's Sunday School. After, we will be taking our party outside (weather permitting) where all the kids will have time to participate in many games and activities supported by the middle school group. Starting right at the end of the 11 o'clock service we will start our Rise Against Hunger program!

Mission Project
Our students are continuing our exciting mission project through the summer. We are going to buy an animal!! Heifer International raises money to provide animals to families in need. The animals are used to make product for the family to use and sell. Each week we will ask that the students (and any adults) bring their spare change to church so we can raise enough money for an animal!
Events at Rolling Ridge Conference Center,  North Andover
Rolling Ridge offers a wonderful selection of one-day spiritual retreats focusing on the mind, body and soul. To register for any of these events please see the website at www.rollingridge.org

June 25, 2017—Still Waters- June at 5:30 pm  

June 26, 2017—Insight at 9:45 am  

July 22, 2017—7th Annual Peace Conference at 1:00 pm  

July 23, 2017—7th Annual Peace Conference at 1:00 pm  

July 24, 2017—Insight at 9:45 am  

August 28, 2017—Insight at 9:45 am  

September 7, 2017—Forest Bathing at 9:30 am 

September 15, 2017—Sails and Trails Tour at 1:00 pm

Grade 1-2: Kid & Parent Disc Golf Day
Sept 23rd 10am. Test your Frisbee Skills for fun gathering with Pastor Travis & Pastor Kim.

Pre K & K Gathering
End of Summer Kids & Parents Bash! August 20th 11am Join us for an end of Summer, I'm going to be one of the Big Kids bash! We will play splash games together while the grownups play with Travis and watch the young ones have some fun.

Grade 3 & 4
Bowling with Parents Pastor Kim & Pastor Travis. Date tbd.

Jr Choir
Are you a Kid? Do you like to Sing? Do you want to make our Worship Service better? Do you want to have fun?  Watch next month there will be more details about how and when this will be happening.

Entering 3rd Grade in September  
Become an Acolyte.  Third Grade will become part of our Worship programming by helping make worship meaningful and beautiful.  You will take turns on a schedule for lighting the candles at the beginning of Worship, Taking Offering and presenting gifts to the Altar and extinguishing the candles at the end of worship. These are all very important historical duties of an acolyte.

Media Team  
Kids who are in 5th grade or higher can be part of the media support squad! In early September training will begin in different aspects of our Media production. This team will be creating special video projects, Facilitating the video or sound programs, operating the monitor system and other High Tech Worship, outreach and public broadcast media programs. Details will be available in Early September.

Jr Bells
Any Kid grade 1-5 is welcome to be part of this fun and exciting musical group. Rehearsals will begin again in September. Watch for date & Time details.

Grade 1-2
Kid & Parent Disc Golf Day: Sept 23rd 10am. Test your Frisbee Skills for fun gathering with Pastor Travis & Pastor Kim.

Pre K & K Gathering
End of Summer Kids & Parents Bash!   August 20th   11am Join us for an end of Summer I'm going to be one of the Big Kids bash! We will play splash games together while the grownups play with Travis and watch the young ones have some fun.

Grade 3 & 4
Bowling with Parents Pastor Kim & Pastor Travis. Date tbd.

Summer Serendipity & UMW Reading Program
The United Methodist Women have a special reading program which offers books on specific topics of faith, mission, education and outreach. Reading these books, a participant receives a wide scope of information and faith formation and upon completion of the reading a certificate pronouncing the award associated to the participant.

To encourage reading and the growth of children in spiritual and mission areas the UMW is facilitating the Children's version of this program. Throughout the summer, special readers will be sitting in on the Summer Serendipity classes to read one of the children's books associated with this program. On Sunday June 18th the story was Beatrice's Goat.  This story is about a family in Uganda receiving a gift of a goat, from Heifer International. (The same organization served by the Read to Feed Program).
Judy Rachdorf is organizing this fun and interesting reading program that will also encourage our Kids to read.  Contact Judy or the education office to become part of the reading schedule on one of our Summer Sundays. Each Sunday a book is read by a volunteer, a craft is done associated with the story lead by another volunteer. Any skill and level of involvement can help in this summer program.

The summer is a great time to be a YAM! You are Growing and stretching and spreading your roots.. Oh! wrong YAMS. But same principles apply. YAMS, Young Adult Ministries are reaching out in new directions and becoming the unique individuals they are created to be. Join in the challenging, fun and meaningful summer fun that is YAM's.
YAM'S Beach day : July 8th. Meet at WUMC at 8am bring a bag lunch and a little cash to help pay for parking.
YAM's Monthly meeting for casual conversation and planning in the Loft: July 13th 7pm.
Other anticipated YAM's events… Summer BBQ: Aug 13th. Soulfest: Christian Music Festival at Gunstock Mountain. Habitat for Humanity- Work Day. See Meghan Chan for details.

Mission Trip Debriefing  
8/22: Sr. High Noon in the Loft. Worship Planning & processing conversations. 2pm:  Middle School in the Loft. Worship Planning & processing conversations.

Mini Methodist
Grades 4& 5:  The First Meeting of the 2017-2018 Mini's will be at Sunday 9/17 Yentile Park. 12:30-1:30 Dress Comfy & ready to play! (Sneakers & Shorts)

Youth Group Summer Gathering  
August 25th 5pm Salem Willows & Winter Island. (Bring a sweat Shirt & Bug spray and cash for snacks or rides) We will pack a picnic supper. Grades 6-12.

Youth Group  
Sept 17th 6PM. Grades 6-12. Gather in Loft followed by the classic Youth Group games in fellowship Hall.  Sardines, Flying Monkey Basket Ball and Post-it note statues and more! Don't know what this is all about? Come and check it out!! BRING YOUR FRIENDS! Ice Cream Sundaes.  What else could you ask for!?!

High school Girls Group  
Meeting once a month beginning in October we will focus on what it means to you to be you. Date and time tbd. Speak with Kim about your ideas.

Senior High Sneak  
November 3-5. Are you ready for an adventure? Willing to let Kim lead you on a weekend you will always remember?  Details are coming soon.  Parent and student info meeting will be held on October 6th in the Pumpkin Patch. But it is a mystery… You won't learn the location till you get there! 

Small Group Study Opportunities for Adults

Lectionary Bible Study
One of the best ways to prepare your hearts for Sunday morning worship and to get the most out of the sermon is to join us in our lectionary Bible study. Each week we study the Scripture passage that we will be using on the following Sunday. Each lesson stands alone so even if you can’t make every week, you can still be a part of the class. There are two opportunities to be a part of this class, Tuesday evenings 7-8 and Wednesday mornings 9:30-10:30.

A note from Pastor Kim

Good Luck trying to find me this month too!

I still am on the GO-GO-GO!

My time in Washington DC was exciting, meaningful and challenging.  I am learning about our Theological Heritage, about the skills and challenges of being a pastor in the UMC and believe it or not I am beginning to learn Biblical Hebrew.  It is difficult but very exciting.  

I have attended an intensive 2 week session of the United Methodist Course of Study at Wesley Theological Seminary.  These seminary classes offered to folks in my position as Licensed Local Pastors. I have at least 5 years of these classes to attend to complete my COURSE OF STUDY as an LLP. Did you know that there are over 100 Licensed Local Pastors working in the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church?  LLP's are filling pulpits and keeping the UMC alive and active not only in New England but around the world. We are the Modern Day Circuit Riders!! (Without the horse-Thankfully!)

I am so excited about this opportunity. I look forward to sharing with you all that I take in.
After my return from DC I repacked my bags for the week with our Middle schoolers in Rutland Vermont for our week of Mission there. And on July 28th leave for Colorado with our High School youth. I thank God for these opportunities to learn and to serve with our kids. I know I will be dazzled by their warmth, brilliance and their offering of Christ's Love.

Upon my return to Wilmington August 7th, I will be taking a bit of time to let my head and the world stop spinning. During all this time even though I am out of town I will certainly be with you in spirit. If you need anything from me during this time please contact the Church office. They will be able to hunt me down. I and We will of course keep all of WUMC in prayer. As I hope you will keep me and all of our kids and people we/I will be encountering and serving in prayer during this very busy and exciting summer. Praise God for all these blessings and challenges that go with them. I know that God has amazing things in store for you too. Be ready to witness the divine presence of Jesus in your warm summer days and the nights filled with fireflies and sunsets. As Frankie Valley says, "See you in September" and as our Savior says, "GO! and make disciples.." We're gonna give it our best!

Oh, if you think this note looks a little like the one last month, well yes it does… I've been a very busy girl. Watch for all the new and very exciting things coming up in September. We'll have enough to keep us going. I promise.  Blessings and God's Grace to you.