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Christian Education - News and Notes

Christian Education - News and Notes

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The Education Committee would like to thank all of our teachers in our current unit, Amy Metcalfe, Barbra Beaudoin, & Trish Corby. We would also like to thank all of the Shepheard's for their continual hard work! Thankyou to everyone who has helped in the Pumpkin Patch!




Mission Project
This month our Mission Project focus in on Trick-Or-Treating for UNICEF. All students have received their UNICEF boxes (more are available if needed). When you are Trick-Or-Treating, remember to bring along your box and ask for donations. You can always search for spare change around your house as well!

Honesty and Truthfulness
Our first unit this year will be on Honesty and Truthfulness, two topics very important in these current times. Students have already explored this unit through three units: Story, Games and Video. They will also be doing a unit on Art and Science in the coming weeks. We are excited to share this unit with the students as we feel it is a very important topic!

Sunday School Support Meeting
Calling all Sunday School Parents, Teachers and Helpers!!!! This year we will be holding our first Sunday School Support Meeting (similar to PTA!). Kim will be running this year’s meeting and we expect to have representation from all Sunday School families to learn about our program and ways to help. Please also plan to attend this meeting if you have or would like to teach or help in our Sunday school classes. We look forward to seeing you on the 1st!  

Help Wanted
We are always looking for more helpers in our Sunday School Program. If you are interested in teacher or helping in any capacity, please contact Amanda Payette at missbell328@gmail.com or (978) 407-6679.

Events at Rolling Ridge Conference Center,
  North Andover
Rolling Ridge offers a wonderful selection of one-day spiritual retreats focusing on the mind, body and soul. To register for any of these events please see the website at www.rollingridge.org

November 4, 2017 - For a Time such as This at 9:30 am

November 8, 2017 - Creative Expressions at 9:30 am

November 9, 2017 - Celtic Spirituality at 9:30 am

November 11, 2017 - Making the creation connection at 9:30 am

November 26, 2017 - Still Waters at 5:30 pm

December 4, 2017 - Advent Quiet Day at 9:30 am

Grade 1-2: Kid & Parent Disc Golf Day
Sept 23rd 10am. Test your Frisbee Skills for fun gathering with Pastor Travis & Pastor Kim.

Pre K & K Gathering
End of Summer Kids & Parents Bash! August 20th 11am Join us for an end of Summer, I'm going to be one of the Big Kids bash! We will play splash games together while the grownups play with Travis and watch the young ones have some fun.

Grade 3 & 4
Bowling with Parents Pastor Kim & Pastor Travis. Date tbd.

Jr Choir
Are you a Kid? Do you like to Sing? Do you want to make our Worship Service better? Do you want to have fun?  Watch next month there will be more details about how and when this will be happening.

Entering 3rd Grade in September  
Become an Acolyte.  Third Grade will become part of our Worship programming by helping make worship meaningful and beautiful.  You will take turns on a schedule for lighting the candles at the beginning of Worship, Taking Offering and presenting gifts to the Altar and extinguishing the candles at the end of worship. These are all very important historical duties of an acolyte.

Media Team  
Kids who are in 5th grade or higher can be part of the media support squad! In early September training will begin in different aspects of our Media production. This team will be creating special video projects, Facilitating the video or sound programs, operating the monitor system and other High Tech Worship, outreach and public broadcast media programs. Details will be available in Early September.

Jr Bells
Any Kid grade 1-5 is welcome to be part of this fun and exciting musical group. Rehearsals will begin again in September. Watch for date & Time details.

Senior High Sneak  
November 3-5. Are you ready for an adventure? Willing to let Kim lead you on a weekend you will always remember?  Details are coming soon.  Parent and student info meeting will be held on October 6th in the Pumpkin Patch. But it is a mystery… You won't learn the location till you get there! 

Small Group Study Opportunities for Adults

Lectionary Bible Study
One of the best ways to prepare your hearts for Sunday morning worship and to get the most out of the sermon is to join us in our lectionary Bible study. Each week we study the Scripture passage that we will be using on the following Sunday. Each lesson stands alone so even if you can’t make every week, you can still be a part of the class. There are two opportunities to be a part of this class, Tuesday evenings 7-8 and Wednesday mornings 9:30-10:30.