Christian Education - News and Notes

Many thanks to:
• Judy Rachdorf for organizing the Special Grandparent Program
• Everyone who is helping to collect money for UNICEF with their trick or treat boxes
• Our Shepherds for their tireless work with our children.
• All teachers who have been selflessly supporting our Sunday School Program!

Thank you for collecting and returning your UNICEF boxes. If you have not yet returned your boxes, please return them to the education office as soon as possible! Remember you do not need to just collect change from trick-or-treating, you can also look under your couch cushions for additional change to add to your box! Every penny helps! All of your spare change will really add up and we will be able to send in a nice donation this year to help children worldwide with health and education needs.

Special Grandparents Visit
We are looking forward to our Special Grandparent Visit coming up on November 3rd. Children in Pre-K – Middle school will be traveling to Windsor Place to visit with our special grandparents. Permission slips are available now! If you are able to drive, please let us know! Also, we are looking for some donations of treats (cookies, brownies, etc.) to bring with us on our trip to enjoy with our special grandparents.

Christmas Pageant Dec 15th 9:00 Service PreK – Grade 7 11:00 Service – Grade 8-HS We are excited for a fun and entertaining pageant this year, and we hope that everyone will enjoy our presentation to celebrate this important time in the life of our church!

As is our annual tradition, we will be collecting new and gently used mittens, gloves, hats and scarves as part of the offering at the Christmas pageant. These will be distributed to those in need through Lowell Wish Project and Emmaus House. Please bring your donation on or before December 15th for the Offertory or place it in the basket. We will have a collection box available for any donations made before our Pageant!

Help Wanted
We are always looking for more helpers in our Sunday School Program. If you are interested in teacher or helping in any capacity, please contact Amanda Payette at or (978) 407-6679.

Christian Education
The WUMC Sunday School program is off to a great start. From our Youngest little ones to our most senior adults, Everyone at WUMC is welcome to be part of the education opportunities. Please return your UNICEF donation box to ensure the funds reach their destination and help kids in need of clean water, food and medicine. Our focus in Sunday School this year will feature some important learning about the bible and then using our bibles we will learn about the stories in the bible that make us look upward toward Heaven. Come be part of our Mission to God and blast off on a Biblical adventure. Nursery staff is available from 8:45-12:15 on Sundays. Therease and Susan nurture and introduce our littlest ones in fun and creative Godly Play. Pre K & Kindergarten meet with Miss Amanda and Miss Val after the children's message at the 9am worship. Learning about Jesus & snacks are always part of the structured experience. Grade 1-4 Meet in room 2/4-2/5 to Blast off on their Heavenly Mission. Grade 5 has joined with Grade 6&7 to make up a team of energized and inquiring minds with Krystn Forcina and Christine Nally to get a Faith Focused Fun Filled look make community building and supporting team. Pancakes happen there often, come for breakfast sometime. Watch for email details. Grade 8 is Confirmation. If you missed it , It is not too late to get in on the action. The 8th grade meets as a Sunday Morning Sunday School class to get deep into the stuff that makes us Methodists. Then once a month the Class will Meet with Rev. Peter and Kim to get into some of the stuff that will help you understand whay we do what we do, How we do what we do as Methodist. There will be field trips, Outings, visiting other folks and attending other houses of Worship. Both are important to your understanding and knowledge so you can make a full and informed decision about "BECOMING A MEMBER of the Wilmington United Methodist Church. High School is where things are happening to make the world a better place. The high school class at the request and urging of the students has become a Life Changing, Love sharing, Mission Making program of learning and serving. Each month the WUMC High School Sunday School will focus on a topic that is associated with the month. The lessons will address the topic and conversation will be surrounding the topic. Classes continue to be engaging.

Special Grandparents Tea Party
On November 3rd our Sunday School classes will traveling to Windsor Place during our Sunday School session to host the folks there at a special Tea Party. Our Autumn Themed gathering will help our kids get to know some of our elder folks and allow our wonderful Seniors who may not get out as much anymore to experience the love of our kids. A parent is encouraged to attend, and drivers will be needed. Watch for the details soon.

Events at Rolling Ridge Conference Center, North Andover
Rolling Ridge offers a wonderful selection of one-day spiritual retreats focusing on the mind, body and soul. To register for any of these events please see the website at

Worship in the Woods at Point of Pines—4th Sunday of the month 3pm—4:30pm — Join us as we connect all people, God and creation through nature contemplation and communion. Celebrate the Divine presence in all things as we seek to live in harmony with everyone and everything. Transform yourself and renew the Earth as we worship together on the beautiful shore of Lake Cochichewick at Rolling Ridge.

Getting on God's wave length: The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic—Wednesday, November 6 9:30am-3:30pm Did you know that there are various versions of the Lord's Prayer in the Christian scriptures used by different branches of Christendom? During this Day Apart, we will take a look at these versions, then examine possible translations of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. What a difference a translation makes! Aramaic yields astonishingly fresh insights into the nature of God, creation and human's role in it, and prayer. Hints: Father does not specify a gender, and Heaven is not a place.

Safe Harbor: Creating Secred space for LGBTQIA+ Spiritual Expression—Thursday, November 7 9:30am— 3:30pm—For those of us who identify as LGBTQIA+, it is often not easy or even possible to be fully who we are in the context of practicing our faith. For many of us, this has created great sadness and disappointment, conflicts, or even rejection and isolation. This retreat will provide a safe space for persons who identify as LGBTQIA+ to explore with others what it means to be a person of faith and to actively practice that faith within the context of our lives. Through large and small group discussions, times of silence and reflection, music, spiritual practice exercises, and simply being in the presence of one another—we will share our joys and struggles and learn from each other as we build community, connections, and trust.

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