Senior Pastor's Note

Reverend, Peter Hey
Rev. Peter Hey

Dear Ones,

We are slowly and carefully re-opening. I do so appreciate everyone's cooperation and careful attention to the many details that make this possible.

We have resumed in-person Sunday School. Our numbers have been small, but we are cautiously rebuilding the program.
Attendance at the 9:30 service has been steady, and we are gradually gaining as more and more people are attending. As the numbers of vaccinated people grow, that service becomes safer and safer. I will have my second dose at the end of April, and by May 15, I should be able to resume many aspects of my work.

I have heard many people say they are still not comfortable worshiping indoors, so starting April 25, we will offer an outdoor service at 11 am. It is still crucial for you to call ahead and register for either service. If it rains, we will call you and let you know if we had to move the service into the sanctuary.

Thirty-hour famine will be very different this year, but we are going to do it. I hope you will be attentive to all the information. We will share on it on April 30 and May 1.

Please come to the Celebration of Life-Community of Hope. It is a gathering at the Town Commons in Wilmington on May 13, 2021, at 7 pm. We have lost a lot through this pandemic, and we need a place to grieve those losses. We have also learned some things about ourselves, and celebrating these discoveries is equally important.

I am grateful to Terri Marciello from the Wilmington Senior Center for coming up with this idea. We met at Audrie Riddle's funeral, and we started talking about all the opportunities we lost to show our support for one another. I am pleased to work with Laura Pickett from the Department of Elderly Services and Lori Hayes – Wilmington Catholic Collaborative, Parish Nurse.

Our Christian Ed and Youth Director will graduate from Boston University School of Theology on May 16. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions have significantly reduced the rituals that generally accompany such a fine achievement. I would ask you to make an extra effort to greet Jamison and Donegan that morning and offer a kind and affirming word.

May 23 will be confirmation, and on May 30, Jamison will preach.

There are a few things to be thinking about as the month of June approaches. On June 9, we will have a special session of the Church conference to receive annual reports and elect officers in the coming year. The Annual Conference will meet virtually. I will miss parts of the Conference this year as it occurs during our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

A lot is going on, so let us cautiously begin the joyful work of “re-gathering” as a community of faith.

Grace and peace


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