Senior Pastor's Note

Reverend, Peter Hey
Rev. Peter Hey
Dear friends,

As we begin a new year, we are beginning a new worship schedule at WUMC. Beginning on the Sunday after Christmas, the schedule will be 8:00 and 9:30. This is the result of a conversation that began before I was appointed to here. I did ask church leadership to hold this decision for a few months while I got acclimated to the congregation.

We will celebrate this decision and live into the future benefits by sharing in a celebratory brunch on Sunday January 5th after the 9:30 service. There are reservation cards available in the pews, in the library, and from the Church Office.

This is an important new beginning for us. I hope you will come and be a part of the celebration. In evaluating the trends in attendance, the 11 am service was declining and the 9 am service was growing. The 8 am service was staying very steady. In practical terms the time between 8 am and 9 am service was very tight. If the 8 am service went a little longer than expected, it was very difficult to get things in place to begin the 9 am service on time. This is an opportunity to "up our game!" The combined service should bring us many benefits. There will be more people in the sanctuary. We average about 120 people between the two services and our sanctuary holds over 200. A better attended service will be more inviting. Another benefit, I hope for is a larger Sunday School. It was many years ago that Cathy and I were parents of small children. I still remember how challenging it was to get anywhere on time. But I think a 9:30 starting time would be more family friendly. Another hoped-for benefit would be in our music ministry. Our choir is quite good, but presently only a quarter of the congregation can hear their musical offerings and consider participating in this important ministry.

Change is never easy. Let's focus on the improvements we are making to our ministry. This is a new year. We will begin it well by living to a new decision.

Grace and peace

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