Senior Pastor's Note

Reverend, Peter Hey
Rev. Peter Hey
Dear Friends,

I am delighted that our congregation has very significant ways of observing the Lenten season. I want to use the Lenten season as a way of walking further down the pathway of the strategic plan we are in the process of adopting. Let's use this year's Soup and Spirit to help accomplish this task.

The broad strokes of leadership are vision, alignment, and execution. I affirm the work that has come forward for adoption by the Administrative Board on March 11. We are moving from vision to alignment. We will move from a general idea of the types of things we would like to accomplish toward specific actions that we believe will deliver the future we know God desires for us.

On Wednesday, March 4, I would like us to share in an exercise known as a "history wall." We will get a large roll of newsprint and create a time of our Congregation's history. Exploring our history allows us to draw encouragement from past success, learn from disappointing moments, and assess our strengths.

On Wednesday, March 11, we will do an activity known as "four corners." It comes from a management tool called the DiSC Profile. This exercise can be a helpful tool in that it reveals the strengths that each individual brings to the corporate effort. I will also hand out information that will allow folks to access this profile online.

From March 18, March 25, and April 1, we will set up five different tables. Each table will spend some time reflecting on one of the five primary objectives. I am hopeful we could begin developing concrete steps, identifying needed resources, and making plans. Our Futures Committee did outstanding work in crafting a vision and a strategic plan. They shared their work creatively. The Administrative Board will receive that report. We now embark on the joy of alignment and execution.

Grace and peace

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