Senior Pastor's Note

Reverend, Peter Hey
Rev. Peter Hey
Dear Friends,

I believe he was protesting the Spanish-American war when he wrote the hymn. His name was James Russell Lowell. He lived in Boston (1819-1891). The hymn is known as "Once to Every Man and Nation." The second half of the third verse says: "New occasions teach new duties." The phrase crafted for another season, speaks boldly to our discipleship today.

Just a few months ago, we were planning for Holy Week and Easter. Now every aspect of our ministry has been challenged. The core message of the Christian faith is needed now, and we need to discover new tools to communicate that message quickly. We are doing this at a time when everyone else is scrambling and adjusting. Suddenly "new occasions are teaching new duties."

Worship has suddenly moved from a lovely, well-equipped sanctuary to a new YouTube channel. We do need help in this transition.

The first thing many of us can do is subscribe to the YouTube channel. Go to the YouTube app on your smartphone, your computer, or Roku and search for Wilmington United Methodist Church Wilmington, MA. Click on the red button that says, "subscribe." This is important because the more subscribers a channel has the greater visibility YouTube gives it. Everyone who has a computer with internet access can do this.

Another way most of us can help is to forward the Weekend Worship Video to people that you know and believe would be interested in sharing in this experience. It is no longer possible to "bring a friend to church," but it is possible to deliver church to your friend's inbox.

I am looking for some additional help. If you are skilled in video production and editing, I would like to know that and talk with you about helping. Paul Hipple is a blessing, and without him, this ministry would not have happened. But this is a lot of work, and if the adage remains: "Many hands make light work."

If you are familiar with YouTube, would you be willing to educate your pastor? Your pastor would be grateful. I am learning as I go, but any assistance would be helpful.

New occasions are indeed teaching us all new duties.

Grace and peace,

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