Sunday School

Our Worship times are 8, 9 and 11am.
Sunday school starts at 9am after children’s message for grade pre-k – 7
and our Confirmation Class (Grade 8) – High school meets at 10am.

Sunday School - Join Us!
This year's theme is "Weaving".

Blessings and peace to you during this 2018-2019 Sunday school year. As we have done the last few years we have come up with a theme. Like Growing our faith with the image of the tree or Letting our Light shine with the light house model. This year we are working from the book of Romans Chapter 12-Yes! the whole chapter and we will be Weaving. This symbolizes so much of who we are and what we are called to as followers of Christ. As each of us is a unique individual we know that we are woven together by God into the community of faith. Each touched, supported and connected with the other to create something beautiful, something different and something that has never existed before.

To help our children learn and understand these concepts we will focus on prayer being how we are in communication with God. Learn how faith can change our lives, and how when we learn to love and care for each other we become the Body of Christ for each other together. So please check out Roman’s chapter 12. (It is short only 21 verses) As you consider each section, remember that,” Together we are made stronger to Serve humbly and live Joyfully in Christ’s Love.”

Sunday School classes are held during the 9:00 am services for Pre-K through 5th grade students. 6th and 7th graders spend the first part of class in worship together and then meet in room 1-3. Younger children start out at the service sitting with their family and then are dismissed from Children's Moment to their Sunday School classes.

PreK- 5th Grade
Pre-K and K are combined with Amanda Payette as lead teacher and Miss Val assisting.
Parents can bring their children down to Room 1-4. Elementary students in Grades 1-5 are dismissed with their shepherds down to Fellowship Hall for gathering time before going off to their workshops in the classrooms. Parents can pick their children up from the designated classrooms at 10:15 - please see the bulletin board in the lower lobby. On our first day, all students will be picked up outside (or Fellowship hall, if inclement weather).

6th/7th grade class
This year, the class will start together at the 9:00 worship service.
They will then leave as a class to go down to room 1-3 after the scripture reading with final dismissal at 10:30. Join Christine Nally and Krystn Forcina for a high-energy program of team building games, hands on lessons, discussions and reflection that will help grow your faith. The class will also help to show our middle schoolers how they can participate in our church and also be mentors and role models for the younger children. This will be an important time of preparation for Confirmation in 8th grade. On the first Sunday of the month the class will continue to lead in worship at the 9:00 service and class time on those days will be during that time frame.

8th grade Confirmation class and HS Youth
Classes run from 10:15 to 11:15 after the 9:00 service with the following room assignments: 8th Grade Confirmation Class in the octagon room; High School will be held in the loft.

Multi-Age Class
In conjunction with the 11:00 service., Miss Janice will be teaching the Multi-Age class again this year. Children can come on a regular basis or drop in if your family is attending the 11:00 service. We have an exciting year planned and hope to see all of our Sunday School students at the kick-off. Registration forms can be found in your family mail folder or on our website for downloading. Please complete and return them ASAP to help out Samm with the administrative tasks of getting our students registered. If you have previously filled out a registration form, all information needs to be confirmed, but a new form does not need to be filled out.

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