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Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries - News and Notes

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Youth Ministries
Our mission To develop faithful and active disciples of Jesus Christ through ministries of discipleship, service, fellowship, outreach, and worship that are for, with and by youth. Kim Gold, Director of Youth Ministries

A note from Pastor Kim:

During my summer I have been "out of the Office", a great deal. I have had my mind packed full of stuff while at a two week intensive program at Wesley Theological Seminary. Attempted to keep up with our Middle schoolers during their week of Service in Rutland Vermont and was inspired every second of the High School Mission Trip in Colorado. But I think of all that has gone on and as wonderful the experiences that I have had during this amazing jam packed summer I have come home with the soul satisfying sense of the wonder of God, of just how crazy amazing and creative God is. I didn't know there were so many Rocks! From the bright orange formations at the Garden of the Gods, the sentinel cliffs of Chimney Rock, Red Rocks, and the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, The sticky wet clay ground that we walk on, all created for the Glory of God. The dirt we plant in and the stuff that we sweep away and even the sculpted concrete of a skateboard park, all were evidence of God's Glory and ever present strength and love. Our High School Mission trip was an adventure and experience in God's splendor. I became so overwhelmed with the scenery while driving back from the Four Corners through Moab Utah that Words were no longer of use. And though all of what we were seeing was rock, dirt and shrub it was created so magnificently that every turn in the road made me croak "Oh My God!" My heart was singing Majesty, Worship His Majesty!

I don't think that there will be any way I can really convey the amazing creation of all that we saw, but we do intend to share what it meant and how it moved us. The experiences of our Middle School and High School Mission Trips were truly life changing. As we enter into our next season and cycle of our calendar I want to encourage everyone to take on a challenge to become part of the work and life of God's creation. You can start this 3 easy ways.1: attending the Thank You Luncheon the Youth will be serving to the entire congregation as a way to convey our thanks and recognition of your support and generosity through this last year of fundraising and planning for our Mission Trips. We will be sharing stories and images from our trips. 2: Join together in interesting and engaging adult education opportunities. Travis and I have planned some exciting and interesting learning opportunities for this year. We will also begin our new "I Can Serve God Too" groups for Kids (ICSG2). 3: the WUMC 2017-2018 Kick off Day with our RISE AGAINST HUNGER meal packing event. All of these are interesting and exciting opportunities to be a community of faith in action.

The amazing landscape of the desert southwest is remarkably varied considering it was rocks, color differences. All created from many different rocks that formed a landscape that was breathtaking. Realizing that it takes more than one kind of rock to make that possible, I realize it takes more than one kind of encounter and experience to create full experience of our faith. So I ask you to mix it up! Try a class or workshop, step into a small service group like serving a meal at St. Paul's or The Blanket Wrap, add some color and texture to your faith routine. You might find beauty that is created when we join together to learn, serve and love together.

Youth Group Activities

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Mission Trip Debriefing

8/22: Sr. High Noon in the Loft. Worship Planning & processing conversations. 2pm:  Middle School in the Loft. Worship Planning & processing conversations.

Mini Methodist: Grades 4& 5
The First Meeting of the 2017-2018 Mini's will be at Sunday 9/17 Yentile Park. 12:30-1:30 Dress Comfy & ready to play! (Sneakers & Shorts)

Youth Group Summer Gathering
August 25th 5pm Salem Willows & Winter Island. (Bring a sweat Shirt & Bug spray and cash for snacks or rides) We will pack a picnic supper. Grades 6-12.

Youth Group
Sept 17th 6PM. Grades 6-12. Gather in Loft followed by the classic Youth Group games in fellowship Hall.  Sardines, Flying Monkey Basket Ball and Post-it note statues and more! Don't know what this is all about? Come and check it out!! BRING YOUR FRIENDS! Ice Cream Sundaes.  What else could you ask for!?!

High School Girls Group
Meeting once a month beginning in October we will focus on what it means to you to be you. Date and time tbd. Speak with Kim about your ideas.

Senior High Sneak
November  3-5. Are you ready for an adventure? Willing to let Kim lead you on a weekend you will always remember?  Details are coming soon.  Parent and student info meeting will be held on October 6th in the Pumpkin Patch. But it is a mystery… You won't learn the location till you get there! 

Rites of Passage
Beginning in September 2017 some special opportunities will open to our children. Keep your eyes and ears open for information about how you can GROW INTO the things that make growing up great!
High School Girls Group
Any young woman in 9-12th grade is welcome and encouraged to join in this  covenant/fellowship group. We will take part in casual gatherings that will create community and foster friendships that will help everyone deal with what life is throwing at them.  

Blanket Wrap
September 23rd 9:30am. This awesome project continues! Meet in Room 2-4/2-5 to continue sewing our Quilts that will be donated to Lowell Wish as part of their Blanket the Valley Program. No skills required, all skills appreciated. Any one, any age any skill may be part of this program.

White Elephant Sale
October 21st at WUMC to benefit the Youth Programs. We would love to take all those treasures you would like to offer. Please leave them in the lower lobby closet area after October 1st . We have a lot going on between now and then. We are trying to keep the area neat and passable. Thank you! We appreciate your assistance.

Join all WUMC at the Sept 10th RISE AGAINST HUNGER Meal Packing Event.
We will have a cook out, so no one needs to miss out on the fun. Bring a side to share, burgers and dogs and drinks will be provided. Then be part of the Meal Packing fun.