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Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries - News and Notes

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Youth Ministries
Our mission To develop faithful and active disciples of Jesus Christ through ministries of discipleship, service, fellowship, outreach, and worship that are for, with and by youth. Kim Gold, Director of Youth Ministries
A note from Pastor Kim
Over the last couple years our congregation has been really energized and excited to participate in the Stop Hunger Now or Rise against Hunger program where we packed rice meals for those who are hungry around the world. We have had a blast and we have made a difference in the lives of Thousands. These projects have been wonderful but have also had a big price associated with them.

This year we are going to continue to work to make the world better without the big financial commitment. and the lives of our brothers and sisters better through books. Be on the look out for the details coming soon. So as you are clearing out the books your kids have outgrown and the books that you have read already hold on to them and we will collect them later this summer to go to a program helping low income and immigrant families in Maine. Our goal will be to collect a truck full of books (Keeping them out of landfills). Sort them for distribution (Getting together to do a mission as a church family). and have a blast in the process. More details coming soon.

All youth attending the mission trips must organize and follow through in a local service project of their own design. Please contact Kim about details and specifics. Ideas include: Meet up clean up - Call a few of your fellow youth and help pick up the yard of a sr. member of the church. Provide Coffee hour one Sunday Help organize the loft. Com’n Folks! Make it happen!!

Youth in the loft May 20th 6pm :
Youth in Grade 612 meet in the loft to make summer plans and formulate fall projects.

Do you have a special Interest that would be interesting to others?
Let's share our gifts, interests and talents. It could be cooking, basketball, hiking, macramé or spending an afternoon at a museum or the beach. Almost anything that you enjoy someone else may find interesting too. Contact Pastor Kim. We want to get together and learn from each other and have fun. No teaching skills needed just a desire to share what you know and/or learn something new with a few folks and have a few laughs.

Confirmation Class Retreat & Rehearsal May 6th:
Confirmands and Mentors will gather for their big project and family will gather for rehearsal for Confirmation Sunday. 1pm-4pm

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Youth Group Calendar

Mission of Peace
The Mission of Peace (MOP) is a yearly journey of discovery and shalom to nations in our global community sponsored by the Northeastern Jurisdictional Counsel in Youth Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Each year, every Annual Conference in the jurisdiction may select up to four High School youth to share in this experience. The 2019 Mission of Peace will be to the Philippines. For more information see Pastor Kim and the information on the Youth bulletin Board. There are specific requirements applications and guidelines associated with this program. Please act quickly if you are interested. Registration deadline is March 30th .

Kids 4 Peace Boston
Are you a 6th or 7th grader who wants to grow up into a world that respects diversity and a connection to your cousins in faith? Kids 4Peace Boston is an organization that fosters friendship and interfaith support to youth in and around the Boston area and the world. KIDS4PEACE Boston is hosting a summer camp experience with Muslim, Jewish and Christian 6th and 7th graders for 8 days at the overnight camp Merrowvista in New Hampshire. August 5-12, 2018. In addition to the usual summer camp activities of swimming, boating, sports, arts & crafts and hiking you will also make diverse friendships, learn peacebuilding skills, and acquire an interfaith understanding, leadership development and much much more. For information and application go to : www.KIDS4PEACEBOSTON.ORG/Summer-program or contact the camp director at : Megan@KIDS4PEACEBOSTON.ORG