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Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries - News and Notes

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Youth Ministries
Our mission To develop faithful and active disciples of Jesus Christ through ministries of discipleship, service, fellowship, outreach, and worship that are for, with and by youth. Kim Gold, Director of Youth Ministries
A Note from Pastor Kim
We are upon our 30 Hour Famine. For many years now I have been handling the organizational aspects of the Famine and I have (Even when I growled with frustrations) loved every minute. What a blessing that this congregation has taken on and upheld the cause for dignity and life for thousands across the world we will never know. Your dedication to the support of our Kids and their willingness to push themselves beyond their comfort zones is a rally call to me. I have been grieving a bit. I miss our Youth who have gone through our program and now are in College or even now out in the world doing amazing things.

A recent article in the Wilmington Town Crier written by Christina Haines has reminded me of the youth and the work the WUMC 30 Hour Famine has done on behalf of Christ in our community and in our world over the years. HOW AMAZING! (Check it out Feb 14th edition)

I am also amazed that each year our Kids, every new class, steps up to the task of being hungry for the change that will change the world. By this time next week our 2018 will be in the books and we will be taking note of the blessings of the event and taking the notes on what not do next year. So in advance, thank you for your continued Support. Thank you for not getting too nervous when there has been 5 miles of paper chain hanging from our ceiling. Thank you for the muddy drinking water games, thank you for the sleeping bags, singing off key to songs that aren’t familiar and forgotten water bottles. Thank you for pillows collected and the smelly coffee room. And thank you for allowing us to help shape these youth participating in the 2018 30 Hour Famine into the next group that will go out into the world and work to make it better all in the name of Jesus.

Youth Group Activities

30 Hour Famine Kick off & Registration: Feb 11th at Noon in Sanctuary. Registration and goals with all questions being answered. This is the time to choose your work site and offer ideas for the weekend. All youth attending famine and their parents should plan on attending this meeting.

6th Grade Parents!!! Will the 2018 30 Hour Famine be the first for your child? We are sure you have tons of questions, and concerns are normal. To help all kids and families feel at ease with our Famine program we have a special Q&A planned for you to ask & get answers you need to feel confident letting your kid participate with our youth in the 30 Hour Famine. Feb 11th at noon.

30 Hour Famine Adult participants & Volunteers. We are preparing for another fantastic 30 Hour Famine and in preparation we will need a CORI and safe sanctuary training. We will have a Pre-famine gathering of adults volunteers on February 17th 2018. At that time we will be completing our Safe Sanctuary training.

See the bulletins board. EVERTHING IS ALWAYS THERE!

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Youth Group Calendar

Turkey Dinner
March 24th Youth will assist serving the Turkey Dinner.

Rock Climbing
March 25th 5:30 pm At Boston Rock Gym with Danny Bowdoin. Meet at WUMC at 5:30 to be at Boston Rock Gym by 6pm. We must pre-register. Sing up on the Bulletin Board next to the Youth office. Cost is 5.00pp 78G Olympia Avenue - Woburn, MA 01801, All youth are welcome to join in an evening of Rock climbing at Boston Rock Gym. Save the date.

Afternoon in the North End Scavenger Hunt
April 22nd We will meet at WUMC and go to Boston. There we will wander the back streets and alleys of the North End, Share time and stories and even get a slice or cannoli. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a little cash for a stop at Mike’s pastry. We don’t know because you will have to find the answers to the clues to get to the final destination. Drivers and Adult volunteers needed.

Mission of Peace
The Mission of Peace (MOP) is a yearly journey of discovery and shalom to nations in our global community sponsored by the Northeastern Jurisdictional Counsel in Youth Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Each year, every Annual Conference in the jurisdiction may select up to four High School youth to share in this experience. The 2019 Mission of Peace will be to the Philippines. For more information see Pastor Kim and the information on the Youth bulletin Board. There are specific requirements applications and guidelines associated with this program. Please act quickly if you are interested. Registration deadline is March 30th .

Kids 4 Peace Boston
Are you a 6th or 7th grader who wants to grow up into a world that respects diversity and a connection to your cousins in faith? Kids 4Peace Boston is an organization that fosters friendship and interfaith support to youth in and around the Boston area and the world. KIDS4PEACE Boston is hosting a summer camp experience with Muslim, Jewish and Christian 6th and 7th graders for 8 days at the overnight camp Merrowvista in New Hampshire. August 5-12, 2018. In addition to the usual summer camp activities of swimming, boating, sports, arts & crafts and hiking you will also make diverse friendships, learn peacebuilding skills, and acquire an interfaith understanding, leadership development and much much more. For information and application go to : www.KIDS4PEACEBOSTON.ORG/Summer-program or contact the camp director at : Megan@KIDS4PEACEBOSTON.ORG