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Summer Worship: 8:00 and 9:30
Fall Worship: 8:00 and 9:00 and 11:00

Worship Schedule

September Preaching
Brian McLaren makes a compelling case that our faith grows through four stages. They are simplicity, complexity, perplexity, and harmony. In simplicity, we learn right from wrong truth; we know whom we can trust and who poses a threat. In the complexity stage, we understand that simple truths we have learned don't always apply and explore how to hold them gently. In the perplexity stage, we process all the information and experiences that don't seem to fit with what we think we know. Finally, in the harmony stage, we seek to expand our faith to help us hold ourselves and our communities together.

This September, I will approach four of the parables of Jesus from this perspective.

September 5: The Pharisee and the Tax collector—Luke 18: 9-14
September 12: The Wedding Banquet—Matthew 22:1-14
September 19: Laborers in the Vineyard—Matthew 20:1-16
September 26: The Good Samaritan—Luke 10:25-37

**This is the sermon preached at Annual Conference in 2018 when Rev. Hey won the William C. Ziegler award for excellence in preaching the Gospel of social holiness.

PLEASE, we need volunteers!
Help us out by filling in some of our "blanks". Thank you to all who donate so generously of their time and resources.

September: Warren Berglund, Bernice Berglund, Lyle Stockbridge
October: Bradley Stevenson, Martha Stevenson, Janice DiTullio


Worship Leaders

September: 5—Hal Woodbury; 12—Christina Haines; 19—John Nitchie; 26—Ann St. Onge
October: 3 _____________; 10 _____________; 17 _____________; 24 ____________; 31 ____________

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Ben and Elizabeth Woodard

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Jamison Rudd

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