Sunday School

Our Sunday Worship time is 10:00.
Sunday school starts at 10 am after the children's message for grades pre-k - 7 and our Confirmation Class (Grade 8).

Sunday School - Join Us!


Sunday School classes are held during the 10:00 am services for Pre-K through 7th-grade students.

Diving Deeper!

In this week’s monthly Service Sunday, as we continue to learn about God’s works of creation, we will be discussing all the ways we serve others by caring for our environment! 

Bible Verse: Genesis 1: 20-25 Click HERE for the verse.

Family Discussion: 

This week, we are learning about God’s creation of living things. Let’s think of some animals! 

  • What are two animals, and what are some ways that they are different? (Ex.: Elephant and Goldfish – one is great big, the other small. One walks, one swims. Etc…)

Wow, there are so many animals, and they are all so different! God must be super creative. Do you know what is even more amazing, though? Each of these animals has a special place where they live and thrive. It's a delicate system where animals and plants all depend on one another for food and shelter. And we humans depend on them too, so when we take care of the environment around us, we are also taking care of one another!

  •  What are some ways that we depend on our environment (the rest of God’s creation)?

  • What are some ways that we might mess up the delicate system of God’s creation if we aren’t careful? 


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